The Art of the Love Letter Exhibit Open Now

February 10, 2015

Art of the Love Letter 




History tells us that certain human experiences transcend time – including love and the art of putting pen to paper to express terms of endearment to a loved one. In that spirit of love and in conjunction with Valentine’s Day and the IU Health North Gallery Walk in the Carmel Arts & Design District, the Carmel Clay Historical Society will open a new exhibit dedicated to “The Art of the Love Letter.”

The exhibit was kicked off with a sweet opening night party on Saturday, Feb. 14, from 6-9 p.m. at The Depot on the Monon. It features about a dozen beautifully written love letters from the collection of personal artifacts of one of Carmel’s pioneers, William Kinzer. The letters were written in 1859 and offers lovers – and lovers of history – some insight into the ways we expressed our affections in another era.

William kinzer“There is something special about handwriting; a hand-written letter says more than the just the words on the paper,” said Whitney Dennis, executive director of the Carmel Clay Historical Society. “The slant of the letters, the pressure of the pen, the size of each character … handwriting inserts a personal element that cannot be separated from the message on the paper.”

The exhibit, Dennis adds, “relishes in the aesthetic quality of hand-written letters, made even more beautiful by their sentimental content, and celebrates the irreplaceable love letter that, while fading in practice, still touches us in a very real way, just as it did nearly 200 years ago, right here in Carmel.”

“The Art of the Love Letter” exhibit will run at The Depot on the Monon from Feb. 14 through summer 2015.

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