Collections Policy

The Carmel Clay Historical Society has a formal collections policy which guides its collections committee in making decisions about what items to acquire for its permanent or educational collections.

1.     The society will collect the following but is not limited to: manuscripts, records, books, and other written and printed materials; photographs, prints, paintings, and other visual materials; tapes, recordings, and other oral history materials; equipment, furnishings, clothing and other natural, commercial, institutional, and personal objects of the past.

2.     The society will accept memorabilia only if it represents important themes or episodes in the community’s past, at the discretion of the CCHS.

3.     The society may choose not to accept items which are in poor condition, which duplicate similar items in the collection, or which are not contemporary with the time period they depict.

4.      All items accepted for the collections will be cataloged as part of the permanent collection or the education collection.

5.     The director is authorized to approve temporary receipt of items and recommend their acceptance for the cataloged collections.

6.     All acquisitions must be recorded on gift forms signed by the donor and an authorized official of the society. Both the donor and the society will receive signed copies of the gift form for their files.

7.     It is not the policy of the CCHS to accept permanent loans.

8.      Donations are tax deductible under Section 501c(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

9.      Donors are responsible for arranging and paying for their own appraisals, if desired.

10.  In case of disposition of cataloged collections items, any funds generated must be used to benefit the collections.

11.  Loans from the society are made only for a limited time period, only to non-profit organizations of similar purpose, and only for the purposes of exhibition or research. The borrowing institution must have insurance

12.  Gifts to the Carmel Clay Historical Society are considered outright and unrestricted donations to be used at the society’s discretion.

13.  Unless otherwise restricted by copyright at the time of acquisition, all literary rights to original materials are conveyed to the Carmel Clay Historical Society.  The Society can assume no responsibility for misuse of literary or copyright restrictions by users of unrestricted material beyond normal professional ethics and standards.

14.  A board-appointed committee will meet regularly to make decisions regarding deaccessions. Records will be kept on al items that are deaccessioned.



 Adopted April 14, 2011