Speaker Series

2018 Schedule of Speakers


Thursday, April 12,  7pm: Honoring Indiana’s Special Role in WWI by Jim Corridan at the Carmel Clay Public Library’s Program Room

State Archivist and Chairperson of the Indiana World War I Centennial Committee, Jim Corridan, will discuss the Hoosiers that made notable contributions to the War.  He will also describe upcoming events in Indiana commemorating WWI.

Tuesday, May 15, 7pm: The Geology beneath Carmel by Dan Kelleher at the Carmel Clay Public Library’s Program Room

Geologist Dan Kelleher shares his findings from recent drilling in Carmel that uncovered a geologic record of past glaciations that tell a story about depositional history and associated engineering properties.

Sunday, September 16, 2-4pm: Screening of OMNI Centre for Public Media’s Historical Farms of Clay Township documentary at the Carmel Clay Public Library’s Program Room

OMNI Centre presents documentaries about Cricklewood Farm and Block Farm. The farm originally was purchased by Adelaide Fairbanks Causey and Captain Lewis Dean Causey. Adelaide Fairbanks, was the daughter of Charles Fairbanks who was Vice President under Theodore Roosevelt. Dean Causey was Captain of a submarine in the U.S. Navy. Cricklewood Farm boasted a large barn shipped in sections from Denmark and put together with pegs. Charles Callahan, a Dairyman, moved to Cricklewood Farm in the early 1950’s to operate the dairy cow portion of the farm but was also involved in many other aspects of the farm. Charles had many years of farming experience before moving to Cricklewood.

William H. Block family, owners of the former department store chain, bought their farm in the late 1880’s.  This was a period when wealthy Indianapolis families bought land in Clay Township to become “Gentleman Farmers.” A widow’s walk was perched on the top of the house that sat at a high point on the historic Block farm. The widow’s walk was flanked by Gatling Guns. Once the large house began deteriorating, stories of ghosts, super natural experiences and eerie sightings started spreading.  The Block Farm is now the current Brookshire subdivision in Carmel, Indiana. It is south of 126 Street, East of Keystone and includes Brookshire Golf Course and Brookshire Clubhouse.

Thursday, September 20, 7pm: Architecture Month in Indiana at the Carmel Clay Public Library’s Program Room

Join Strawtown Koteewi Park Historical Resource Specialist Christy Brocken for a discussion of Hamilton County’s Native American and prehistoric inhabitants.