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Job Opening: Collections Manger and City Archivist

September 15, 2022

Carmel Clay Historical Society 

Position: Collections Manager and City Archivist  

Job Type/Hours: Part-Time (30 hours/week), Permanent 

Salary: $17/hour, no benefits 

Supervisor: Executive Director, Deborah Gangstad 

Primary Responsibilities 

The primary responsibility of this position is to document and care for the collections of Carmel Clay Historical Society. This position will also aid in fulfilling research requests and exhibit development where needed.  

Specific Duties: 

Collection Care 

  1. Receive, document, preserve and care for all artifacts and archival materials 
  1. Catalogue artifacts and archival materials in PastPerfect 
  1. Digitize photographic and manuscript items and make available online 
  1. Prepare documentation for Board’s approval to deaccession items 
  1. Manage all incoming/outgoing loans for exhibits and public programming 
  1. Perform regular collection inventories  
  1. Manage inventory of collections care supplies: boxes, gloves, etc.  
  1. Maintain adherence to collections policy and updating policy with current museum standards 


  1. Properly identify and catalogue artifacts and archival materials 
  1. Assist in conducting research and object selection for exhibits 
  1. Assist staff and public in accessing collection for research 
  1. Finding and writing grants for collections related projects 
  1. Contribute collections related articles on social media and in publications 

Other Non-Collection Duties 

  1. Help develop exhibit and programming topics along with other staff 
  1. Assist with staffing on and off site events 
  1. Assist with training and supervising volunteers and interns 
  1. Greet and assist visitors in the museum 
  1. Assist with building and facilities cleaning and maintenance 

Job Description  

Carmel Clay Historical Society (CCHS) in Carmel, Indiana is seeking a new collections manager and city archivist. This joint position will be filled as soon as possible. 

The CCHS collections manager will handle the accessioning of donations to CCHS and then caring for the items in the collection with best practices for cleaning, storing, and keeping the environment safe for the collection items. The manager will professionally handle requests from the public about t

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