Feasibility Study Announced in Current in Carmel

October 9, 2013

A recent article in The Current in Carmel announced the feasibility study the CCHS recently completed. The study indicated we would be successful if we conducted a capital campaign to build a new Archives building. The Archives is the red building behind the Monon Depot. The structure is a cottage formerly located on the White River. Today it serves as the CCHS office and archives but is wholly inadequate to do so: walls are filled with asbestos, there is no climate control to protect fragile collections, artwork is stored in a make-shift shelf above a bathtub and works pace is created by laying countertop material over a former kitchen sink. Clearly, this is NOT an ideal situation. The Carmel Clay Historical Society has conducted a feasibility study to determine if it can, in fact, support a capital campaign which would replace this aging cottage.


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